Archie Van is designed for the road. By taking a spacious but easy to drive base vehicle and making a camper just for couples we were able to create something truly special. We hired several vans and learnt a lot. Then we worked with the brilliant Cornwall Van Conversions to bring Archie to life.

You'll have a generous king sized bed, plenty of seating, a kitchen with oven and fridge, gas barbecue, and a shower room with WC. And as for your views - you choose them yourself! read more
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About Archie Van

After the excitement of creating the wonderful Archavonstudio we wanted to see what could be done in a smaller space, and one that's mobile. We tried various vans ourselves, and we've brought all that we love together in Archie Van.

Our brief to the conversion specialist was to conceive of something unique. It had to offer excellent accommodation for longer journeys as well as short trips.

Working with a meticulous craftsman the furniture was made from the super strong but light material that forms musician's flight cases. It has an industrial aesthetic that's softened by the gorgeous London Transport pattern upholstery and great lighting options.

Additional amenities include...

  • Kitchen
  • Gas barbecue
  • Heating
  • Sat nav
  • Bluetooth speaker


That's largely up to you!

Archie Van is based in St Just in the far west of Cornwall, in some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.

Nearby there are plenty of wonderful wild camping opportunities, or good sites within a stroll of something spectacular. See our Camp Sites and Wild Places page.

Living in Archie

Archie is different to the smaller VW vans, great fun though they are.

There's good airy feel thanks to all the glass, and with the awning extended you double your space with an outside room.

Whenever possible cook outside, it's a much better experience and the Cadac gas barbecue is ideal for this. If you can't get outside though Archie has a double ring gas burner and a little oven. And a fridge!

While no one will pretend that a van's shower and loo are ideal, they're there if needed.

If you want to take bikes there's room at the back to store them on the inside.

If you want to meet friends you can take their tent for them.

Whether you're doing a few nights exploration, or a longer trip, Archie has generous storage, both that which you can see, and under all of the seats. We'll do a big adventure with him soon, and we wanted to do it in comfort.


Just as the quality of the bed was vital to Archavonstudio, so too it is in Archie Van. The back rest fills the space around the table to make a king sized bed with just the right depth of memory foam. Sweet dreams!


Archie has everything to help make the experience enjoyable for you.

Reversing cameras and sensors take the guesswork out of parking. And the sat nav makes map reading a thing of the past - although I do love a paper map for getting the feel of an area.

His sound system is good too. That was essential for some of the long drives I have planned.

Modern vans are easy to drive and share their controls with the cars of the manufacturer. The thing to remember is its length. Keep that in your mind and you should be fine.

I remember the first big van we hired. I was nervous! But even though it was an aging beast I soon got used to it and drove home with confidence. Archie is altogether easier that that one.

Parking your car

We're lucky to have a free public car park in St Just where you can leave your car while you're on tour.

Station or airport pick ups

Just ask. If we can we'll come and pick you up, if not we'll help you with your arrangements.

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ArchieVan embarked on its second major tour in April 2018, you can follow his progress on his blog site We hope he'll be available for hire again when we get back - but that could be a while yet!

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